What to expect in a class with Jill

Jill has completed a 200-hour interdisciplinary yoga teacher training allowing her to study many different avenues of yoga practices and traditions. From this training she developed skills in teaching vinyasa based power flow.

About Jill

As a new teacher Jill has only been teaching for a short time, however the joy and passion it provides ignites her life and inspires her yoga offerings.

We asked Jill

Why do you practice yoga?

Living in balance is important to me. I began practicing yoga because I knew that there was more to the big picture of life. Yoga quickly taught me to look inside of myself to cultivate that “image” and find the power that I needed to live fully, more mindfully and at ease. Yoga allowed me to become more connected to myself and my community. Through this journey we build a greater relationship with our inner voices and the world. I wanted to teach yoga to guide others in making similar connections.

What fuels you? 

Traveling, cuisine and new experiences!

Jill’s favorite piece of wisdom:

“Approach life open heartedly.”