What to expect in a class with Laura

Laura teaches in a style that employs vinyasa — a series of actions completed with clear intention and purposeful order — as a vehicle of Yoga — the union of mind, body and spirit. 

With dynamic sequencing that facilitates moving meditation, Laura encourages practitioners to explore their intimate breath and find space inside movement for stillness. She believes a physically challenging practice can teach us so much about ourselves and takes great care in providing a container for people to explore their intuitive edges. Laura’s ultimate goal in offering the practice is to elevate on a cellular level, stirring up creative energy that ripples long after the asana practice. It is this residual vibration that has kept her coming back again and again and she feels a sacred responsibility as she shares it with others.  Her hope in any class she teaches is that you will find something familiar and something new. 

About Laura

Laura is a travel enthusiast, student of life, and above all else, a believer in love. In all forms, in all ways, love is at the heart of healing and it breathes life into every teaching. It was a great love that initially led her to yoga many years ago and it was a committed personal practice sparked inside her a desire to serve.  Laura began teaching in 2013, though she considers herself a student first, always. Sharing this practice has brought so much joy into her world and she feels completely privileged to connect with human heartbeats in movement on a regular basis. Something she learned very early on is, “teaching yoga has nothing to do with me. It’s all about giving people a place and a practice where they can go inside, excavate through embodiment anything needing attention, and eventually experience more freedom.”

Laura’s teachers are primarily from the Krishnamacharya lineage and draw from the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, Tantra and Somatics. She completed her first teacher training with Silvia Mordini in Seattle and most recently, she studied in multiple immersion trainings with Shiva Rea in the US, Costa Rica, and India to become certified in teaching Prana Vinyasa Yoga.

We asked Laura

Why do you practice yoga?

I believe that we can find sanctuary inside the four corners of a mat, or any place where we choose to drop into the state of yoga. This is the primary reason I practice, to regularly experience a sense of wholeness and belonging. Yoga has broken me open in a hundred different ways, and it informs the way I interact with the world.

What fuels you?

Matcha, backbends and compassionate human beings. 

Laura's favorite piece of wisdom:

"We have never arrived. We are in a constant state of becoming." — Bob Dylan