Meet Hannah, Our New Barre Teacher!

Any tips for someone new to Barre?
EVERYONE is struggling during class! No matter how many classes I take, I still shake during thigh work and have to come out of at least one pose each class (then come back in). As long as you’re feeling the burn and pushing yourself to your edge, you’ll be getting what you need from class.

What is your favorite pose?
Seat work! Besides wanting to look fit, strengthening my gluts benefits my low back and knees (says PT!) which is something I’ve struggled with in the past.

Mighty Yogi of the Month: May 2017!

What’s your yoga story?   A close friend who was aware that I’d sustained a brain injury suggested that I try the Love Your Brain series offered at Mighty Yoga. I did, and am on my third series. The series has improved the quality of my life in incalculable ways by increasing my physical strength, balance, etc., and, not unimportantly, social interaction. Those benefits moved me to continue my yoga practice through Mighty Yoga, a resource well-named: I feel mightier, I am mightier—than ever!

Meet Jamie, Our Newest Mighty Barre Teacher!

Any tips for someone new to class? You can get through anything with just one more breath! Also, your mat is an island - don’t judge your own movements by anyone else’s. All bodies move differently, and that is 100% OK.

What is your favorite pose? Supta baddha konasana. It gets me completely blissed out!

What do you like to do outside the studio? Reading, knitting, skiing, running, ukulele, and baking. I love to make things!

Mighty Yogi of the Month: October 2016

Name: Anda Panaitiu

Occupation: Chemistry Graduate Student

Favorite yoga pose: Half pigeon and all arm balances (my friends and I also joke about perfecting a novel pose: "roadkill," which is when we loudly crash-land out of a challenging pose flat on our faces).

What do you love most about yoga? The sense of community and that it makes people genuinely happier and kinder.

My NON-guilty pleasure is... potato chips - I have no self restraint when it comes to them.

Mighty Yogi of the Month: August 2016

Name: Sasha Wesnak

Occupation: Project Coordinator - Quality & Safety, Perioperative Services at DHMC

Favorite yoga pose: Pigeon and Warrior II

What's the best advice you've ever received? "Try turning it off and turning it back on" - my dad repeats this to my mom, sisters, and I mostly when our electronics crash, but I have found it helpful in other areas as well.

What do you love most about yoga? I always leave class feeling better than when I came in.

Meet Paige - Our Newest Mighty Team Member!

Paige will be assisting Heather and our Team as part of new student & member outreach.  We couldn't be more excited for you all to meet her virtually and at the studios!

Name: Paige Dietz

Team Role:  Mighty Marketing & Brand Manager

Favorite yoga pose: Pigeon and Chair...both for very different reasons...and feelings.  

Yoga is... my balance

What do you like to do off the yoga mat? I play with my "partners in crime" (my fiance and two dogs) , farmers and flea markets, eating local food, traveling....anything with a bit of adventure!

Mighty Yogi of the Month: March 2016

Name: Beth Phillips-Whitehair

Occupation: Kindergarten/First Grade teacher

Favorite yoga pose: There are many…and I can’t believe I am saying this (Wendy!), but it may be HALF PIGEON, simply because it reminds me of the possibility for change and the need to have an open mind. I really DID NOT like it when I began….

What do you love most about yoga? The opportunity to work towards equanimity.

What's fuels you? Mighty yoga, sleep, and ‘clean’, fresh food as things I do for myself. Friends, family, my pets, work, and summer flowers as things I surround myself with.