Introducing our newest Mighty Hanover Teachers!

We don’t have just one new teacher here at Hanover…we have six! Our new teachers are all teaching $7 Community Classes this summer. This is a great way to get your yoga on at a better deal, and also a great excuse to bring a friend who is new to the studio!

Without further adieu, please join us in giving a warm welcome the newest Mighty Teachers: Maddie, Jill, Alex, Jessica, Nicole, and Alexandra!

Meet Maddie! We asked her: Any tips for someone new to yoga? Do NOT judge yourself. If you step on your mat–at all, period, end of discussion–you made a huge accomplishment. Seriously, congratulate yourself every time; life can be busy but you chose to carve out that time for you. Yoga is about doing what YOUR body needs, and at times, that could mean spending a whole class in Child’s Pose; Child’s pose is perfect. People around you might be able to do a crazy awesome poses or just never seem to take a break, and that is fantastic for them, but that by no means discredits you! Again, yoga is about doing what YOUR body needs. You chapter 1 or 2 or 10 of your yoga journey, should never be compared to another chapter of your own, let alone a different yogis. Be you and be with yourself in the moment you step on your mat.

Meet Jill! We asked her: Why do you practice yoga? Living in balance is important to me. I began practicing yoga because I knew that there was more to the big picture of life. Yoga quickly taught me to look inside of myself to cultivate that “image” and find the power that I needed to live fully, more mindful and at ease. Yoga allowed me to become more connected to my self and my community. Through this journey we build a greater relationship with our inner voices and the world. I wanted to teach yoga to guide others in making similar connections.

Meet Alexandra! We asked her: What is your favorite pose or poses? Why? I love tree pose. The pose feels simultaneously powerful and light.

Meet Jessica! We asked her: Why did you decide to teach yoga? I believe that finding a yoga teacher that motivates your practice and inspires you to learn more about yoga is an amazing gift. I am so grateful for the teachers who have inspired me and I hope to spark interest in others to start their own yoga journey!

Meet Nicole! We asked her: What fuels you? I’m also a professionally trained chef and have a lot of passion for healthy food for the body. I’m currently a skin care therapist full time and love talking care of people.

Meet Alex! We asked her: What’s your favorite piece of wisdom? “Change only happens in the present moment. The past is already done. The future is just energy and intention.” –Kino MacGregor