It’s Mighty Play-time!

Take a quick peak out your window. Seems like everything in nature is having some summer playtime lately right? The birds are swooping around, chirping excitedly. Squirrels are scurrying up and down trees. Fireflies are buzzing around at night. It’s time for us as yogis to join in on the fun.

We sat down with Hope, our Mighty Play teacher-extraordinaire and picked her brain about all that is Mighty Play. Here’s what she had to say:

What can one expect in a Mighty Play class? In a play class, one can expect to play of course! It is a time to try new poses, transitions, and to open your mind to the possibilities of practice in a less serious class setting focused on exploring and having fun. The only way we can advance onto things that we’ve never done before is to try them, and then to keep trying them in practice. As Sri K Pattabhi Jois once said, “Yoga is 99% practice, 1% theory.”Once we learn how we can work toward new things, all we have to do is put in the work. All levels are welcome, and all are welcome to go at their own pace. We will work toward arm balances, arm and core supported transitions, and inversions.There are no requirements to be able to do any arm balances or inversions, but there is a requirement to want to learn and to play!

What do you like most about the Mighty Play class? I love the aspect of freedom and exploration in a play class, we can play with things you may have never tried before, and you might even love it. Yoga is amazing in the way that you will never stop progressing, you will continually surprise yourself and all you have to do is practice. That feeling of flight for the first time in Bakasana, or that first half of a second that you hold a headstand without rolling over backward, or the feeling of fingers lightly grazing in a bind are the moments that remind you that you are amazingly powerful, and you can do amazing things!

Any words of advice for someone who is interested in trying a Mighty Play class? Come with an open mind and a willingness to give things a try with patience. Yoga teaches us contentment and happiness in the way that we have to be content with where we are; there’s nothing we can do about where our body is today in the moment but practice. Instead of desiring and demanding change we learn to appreciate our progress.

If you had to relate the Mighty Play class to a playground activity what would it be? I often feel like a kid again pretending to be a monkey on the jungle gym in yoga; hanging out upside down and flipping around. Finding freedom to move my body around, to let go of fear, and to have fun and enjoy this physical body I inhabit above all else.

Join Hope for a Mighty Play class (Thursdays at 4:30pm) this summer, and join in on the fun!