Mighty Yogi of the Month: November 2015

Hi, I’m Molly and This Is How I Kick Asana!

Name: Molly Lyons

Occupation: Student and FLIP Instructor at Dartmouth, Staff Member at Mighty Yoga

Favorite yoga pose: Half Pigeon Pose. My hips are always tight and absolutely nothing beats a good adjustment in this pose.

Yoga is… a time to let go and be in the present.

What do you love most about yoga? I love that yoga offers me the opportunity to reconnect with myself.  No matter how stressed I am, yoga always re-centers me and helps me to understand the bigger picture.  It brings me back to reality and my own abilities, reminding myself that all is well and all will work out.

What fuels you? I am fueled by the people around me. Working at Mighty Yoga has connected me to such wonderful people, staff and student alike, allowing me to find an amazing support circle. In addition, it is so rewarding to watch my spinning students realize their own body’s abilities, both mentally and physically.

My NON-guilty pleasure is… trashy TV shows, because they let me shut the world off and take the time to relax.

What makes you Mighty? My loyalty to others and determination to do my best.

What’s your yoga story? How did you start practicing? I started practicing yoga in high school with my mom and really enjoyed the practice but didn’t truly fall in love with it until college. During my sophomore year at Dartmouth, I had a chance to restart when a shoulder injury sidelined me from other activities – it was then that I discovered Might Yoga and I haven’t looked back since.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? It isn’t really a piece of advice, but a mantra to live by. In one of Maddie’s classes a couple of weeks ago, she repeated a simple intention for our practice over and over again and it really stuck with me: “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” Ever since then, that same idea has come into my head at least twice a day, reminding myself that everything will be fine, I just have to trust myself and the process, letting go of the fear.