Meet Haley, Our New Barre Teacher!


How did you get introduced to Barre?
I tried Barre for the first time at Mighty, and now I'm hooked! What can I's magic in here!

What do you like about Barre?
I love how truly empowering it is. Yes, it's hard, and it burns, and a lot of want to just stop. But somehow you keep breathing, and you keep going, and you realize how strong you are. The feeling I have after finishing a class is like nothing else.

How has your practice changed since you first started?
My practice has gotten a lot deeper in the sense that I'm more confident about focusing inward. I think when you're new at anything, you tend to be concerned about how you look doing the moves, or are self conscious about doing them wrong, the folks around you being more advanced... whatever it may be. The more I practice, the more I let go of all that and just feel it in my body and mind. And it just keeps getting better.

Why did you decide to teach Barre?
I decided to teach barre because it scared me in a good way! I love barre, I love encouraging people, I love making playlists...but had never taught anything before! So I jumped in, because why not?! And I've loved every second so far.

Any tips for someone new to Barre?
The burn and shake is a good thing! It means it's working :)

What is your favorite pose?
In barre...any seat work. Gotta love that barre booty!

What do you like to do outside of class?
Play with my dog Lola, kickboxing, hang out with family, read!

What fuels you?
A constant desire to become the best version of myself. My mom. My awesome coworkers and all the lovely people I have in my life who cheer me on and lift me up.

What makes you Mighty?
I LOVE meeting and chatting with everyone at the studios, but especially people who are brand new. I love welcoming folks into our community and sharing tips. If you see me around, come say hi!