Meet Hannah, Our New Barre Teacher!


How did you get introduced to Barre?
I discovered Barre classes through a staff field trip from my time working for Lululemon. I loved them and continued to go back on my own.

What do you like about Barre?
I danced ballet for most of the first two decades of my life and have such a positive association with the barre, moving to music, and with the full body workout that comes from dance. I love the accessibility you get from a barre class as well as the complete workout in a short amount of time. Most of all, I love how sore I am after every class, providing a constant reminder of the work I put in!

How has your practice changed since you first started?
I have gone from painting on my feet each day to mostly sitting at a desk in my new life as a nutrition educator. What I need from my workouts has also changed- I want to leave my work day and feel energized for a full 60 minutes! While my love of yoga will never go away, I find that the energy and intensity of barre classes really fit my lifestyle right now.

Why did you decide to teach Barre?
While going back to school for the past few years, teaching was not a possibility for my schedule, but I have missed it! I’ve wanted to take a barre teacher training for years, and the stars aligned this fall to both return to Mighty and add barre training to my 200-hour yoga certification!

Any tips for someone new to Barre?
EVERYONE is struggling during class! No matter how many classes I take, I still shake during thigh work and have to come out of at least one pose each class (then come back in). As long as you’re feeling the burn and pushing yourself to your edge, you’ll be getting what you need from class.

What is your favorite pose?
Seat work! Besides wanting to look fit, strengthening my gluts benefits my low back and knees (says PT!) which is something I’ve struggled with in the past.

What do you like to do outside of class?
Play with my crazy energetic dog and stepson, hopefully while also working on our new fixer-upper of a house!

What fuels you?
Music, colors, and people.

What makes you Mighty?
I seek challenge and change. I need yoga to deal with both, but my life is never boring!