Meet Caroline, Our New Teacher!


How did you get introduced to Yoga?

I had a compressed spinal injury and was not able to find any peace, until I found Yoga. I was able to grow a ¼ inch in my spine through my practice, which brought me so much relief and allowed me to enjoy daily life again.

What do you like about Power Vinyasa Flow?

I love the creativity of Vinyasa Flow, unlike a few other practices I have tried, I think it invites creativity in its transitions, depth of the postures, and simply within the workings of our own bodies. I also love the focused energy a strong practice provides: leaving a great class feeling revitalized and the energy channels of my body more connected and working together. 

How has your Yoga changed since the first time you practiced?

Yoga for me has always been pure medicine for the body. But since I began practicing, I now feel more comfortable leading my own flows independent from class. I also feel I have gained a deeper connection to the moving meditation.

Why did you decide to teach Yoga?

Truly it felt like the natural next step. I had three months off from school in the Winter of 2017, and I spent most of that time in Nepal learning, practicing and attaining my teaching training certificate in the birthplace of Yoga. Yoga has offered me so much, and I wanted to pass along the healing gifts that I’ve been so grateful to find.

Any tips for someone new to Yoga?

Find your teacher that you respond to and continue to come to their class. Latch on to the bliss that Yoga can offer you, and let that sound ring louder than any doubts-- before you know it the Yogic language will become second nature.

What is your favorite pose or poses? Why?

My favorite postures are Natarajasana (Dancer) and Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (Half Pigeon) for very different reasons. Natarajasana (Dancer) is a balancing pose that for me, is the perfect combination of sthira (strength, power, stability) and sukha (calm, ease, contentment): with one side of the body extending, stretching forward seeking ease and grace, and the other side body extending, kicking back with strength and power. Natarajasana is an exhilarating posture that invites me to the meeting point of strength and grace. Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (Half Pigeon) is for me, pure bliss. I love to spend a long time in this pose (and we likely will in my class!), allowing the nervous system to calm, and the body to release into the bliss and healing that this posture can offer.

What do you like to do off the yoga mat?

I love to spend time outdoors, cook, paint, read, make pottery, and learn from people and places!

What fuels you?

The woods’ air, exercise, storytelling, Yoga, finding art in unexpected places and sourdough bread!

What makes you Mighty?

Connecting with people, learning their stories, and most importantly, the space that is created in between that connection.