Meet Our New Yoga Teacher, Mia!


What do you like about Power Vinyasa Flow?
I like building heat and the ability of power
flow to catapult me out of my thoughts and immediately into my body through the intensity of the practice. I teach slow-flow classes and I love those because they allow the time to become really tuned in to the subtle sensations of your body in each pose and how your body/mind responds to different movements.

How has your Yoga changed since the first time you practiced?
I used to compare my practice to others' and wanted to do everything the teacher instructed, but now I am very focused on doing what feels right for my body at that particular point in time.

Why did you decide to teach Yoga?
I think Yoga is an incredible portal into body awareness and I believe the body has so much wisdom to guide us into the lives we are meant to live. I want to help people listen to the wisdom that lives inside their body.

Any tips for someone new to Yoga?
Don’t be ashamed to use props and take things slowly. Try not to compare your practice with others. Set out to make your practice something that nourishes you and have fun trying something new.

What is your favorite pose or poses? Why?
I love the warrior poses because they bring out the strength and resolve inside me. I also love tree pose and other standing balancing poses because the concentration of balancing calms my mind.

What do you like to do off the yoga mat?
I love to be outside tromping around the woods (when it is not -20 degrees) or inside with a cup of tea reading or writing. As a massage therapist I can’t get enough of any type of bodywork (giving and receiving) and I love trying new modalities.

What fuels you?
Curiosity and the desire to spend my moments in peace and joy.

What makes you Mighty?
Facing down my internal demons. Empathy. Dedication to truth. Practicing radical compassion with myself.