Meet Swan, Our New Yoga Teacher!

2012_09_16_Swan Drsti-4.jpg

How did you get introduced to Yoga?

Passively through my mother. She had a book around the house, Iyengar’s, “Yoga: The Path to Holistic Healing,” that I found and fell in love with.

What do you like about Power Vinyasa Flow?

The way it allows me to step away from my life and be in my body, to observe and experience my breath. I appreciate how quickly one can find growth and progress within the flow-- there is always more to learn and somewhere deeper you can go.

How has your Yoga changed since the first time you practiced?

My practice became much more compassionate and sustainable as I have slowly worked through my yoga ego and into my authentic expressions of poses. Understanding anatomy and alignment has also significantly modified my approach to poses and transitions.

Why did you decide to teach Yoga?

I want to share what I love, and I believe yoga has something for everyone. I think if everyone found their yoga, it would revolutionize the world.

Any tips for someone new to Yoga?

Take it slow, feel your body and don’t worry about the people around you.

What is your favorite pose or poses? Why?

I love all restorative yoga poses as a balance to fast-paced living. My personal favorite pose is Eka Pada Koundinyasana I because I find power and stability within it.

What do you like to do off the yoga mat?

Avid climber of rocks, hiker of trails, watcher of clouds, reader of books and writer of prose.

What fuels you?

Feeling my best and being present for others. I get my deepest satisfaction when I have the honor of holding space for someone’s experience. I often refer to this as being able to witness another.

What makes you Mighty?

I am committed to growth, to living courageously and using my small life to make a difference where I can. I am constantly curious and learning.