What to expect in a class with Tamara

Tamara completed her 200-hour teacher training with The Yoga Wellness Project. While in her training she also had the opportunity to start teaching her first yoga classes, which kept her very busy.  Her training allowed for many different styles of yoga, and yoga practices. With this discipline her teaching moved towards the Hatha/Vinyasa style of yoga. In Tamara’s class her mantra is,  “Anyone can do yoga.” She uses breath, movement, and fun in her practice, and is always ready to modify when needed; “every day is a new day with our bodies.” Attention to how you feel on the mat, looking inside your own body, and bringing that awareness to your body is her intention. 

About Tamara

Tamara has been practicing yoga for six years now. Before yoga she had always done some form of fitness. She had also been a wife, busy mom of three, and ran her own business. She came to the mat looking for a change in health, building strength, and mindset. She started her practice with a yogi that taught Forrest Yoga; that was pivotal, it left her wanting more. Tamara soon found a mentor that led her to the possibility of wanting to teach. The changes in her body, overall health, mindset, life changes.....she wanted to share this with others. She has only been teaching for a year now, but what an experience it has been. As soon as Tamara completed her yoga training she had always wanted to learn about Barre fitness. When she found the opportunity to train with Rasamaya Barre in Newburyport, MA, she headed there the following weekend after graduating yoga training. 

We asked Tamara

Why do you practice yoga?

My mat is a place where I can let everything go. It is a place where I can take care of myself, and everything else can wait. I find this very difficult to do in my life, thus it is called yoga practice. I love getting on the mat, breathing, moving my body and being aware of where I feel each pose. It starts from the tip of my toes, to the top of my head, and I always walk away feeling better than when I first got there.  

What fuels you?

I’m at another transition in my life. My children are grown, the last one just graduated high school this past June, and my husband and I are empty nesters. I will still teach, but we are looking forward to our time together as a couple. I love traveling, running, walking on a beach, and curling up and reading, great food, and most of all my family. 

Tamara’s favorite piece of wisdom:

“Live life with gratitude and faith.”