200-Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

**Stay tuned to hear about our next training, starting january 2020!

with Heather Healey, Wendy Epps and Guest teachers

What's the BEST way to Improve your Practice in 2018?

Are there poses that seem out of reach?

Are you interested in trying meditation?

Do you want to form new lifelong relationships?

Find out how much you can learn by joining our Yoga Teacher Training program -- It doesn't matter if you are interested in teaching or not. There's so much more to it than learning how to teach a yoga class! The only thing we require is an interest to dig deeper into your yoga practice. 

Join Heather Healey and Wendy Epps on a journey to deepen your yoga practice and learn to teach through our 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training. This intensive training will provide the knowledge and experience to take your own practice to the next level (whether you’re interested in teaching or not!). The training will cover:

  • Smart, safe, creative, fun sequencing

  • Finding your unique teaching voice and style

  • Pose study & alignment

  • Yoga anatomy & physiology

  • Meditation & breathwork

  • Yoga history & philosophy

This training will provide you with a solid foundation in pose alignment, creative sequencing, and finding your authentic voice as a teacher.  You will learn not only how to teach a yoga class, but how to create a safe and powerful yoga experience for your students.  With daily teaching practice and attention to developing the skills of an effective teacher, you will leave the training equipped with all of the tools you need to teach and to feel confident doing so.   

Throughout the training we will enhance our understanding of ancient yoga teachings and how they apply to our modern world via the study of yoga texts, TED talks, and a variety of other sources. Through these avenues, you will have the opportunity to delve into yoga philosophy in a way that will deepen and enhance your own yoga practice as well as your yoga teaching.  Be prepared to leave the training feeling empowered both on and off the mat.

Please email us at NHTeacherTraining@mightyyoga.com if you have any questions.

Training Schedule

The training will take place every other weekend, starting January 2018 and will take place at both our Hanover and Lebanon studios. Our schedule will typically be Fridays 5:30pm - 9pm, Saturdays 12:00pm - 8:30pm, and Sundays 8am - 3:30pm.

  • Special Kick-Off Saturday Jan 13, 1-6pm

  • Jan 19-21

  • Feb 2-4

  • Feb 16-18

  • March 2-4

  • March 16-18

  • March 30 - Apr 1

  • April 13-15

  • April 27-29

  • May 4-6


The full cost of the training is $2,750, paid in full by 1/5/18. Reserve a spot in our training by filling out our application and submitting a $500 non-refundable deposit. Sign up TODAY and save!

Early Bird: $2,400 Tuition - Submit Application and $500 deposit by 1/1/18. Save $350 on tuition. Must be paid in full by 1/13/18.

Payment Plan Option: $500 deposit + 5 Payments of $470/month (Jan-May 2018) Total cost is $2,850. 

Vermont residents may be eligible for tuition assistance through VSAC, follow the link to apply. In addition, limited scholarships may be available through the studio. Please email us to inquire. 

Please note:

  • The $500 deposit (applied towards tuition) is non-refundable and non-transferable. The remaining balance is due 14 days prior to the beginning of the training.

  • No refunds for canceling within 14 days of the training.

  • Students will receive a confirmation email confirming your acceptance and payment.

  • Mighty Yoga reserves the right to amend this policy at its sole discretion.

How do I sign up?

Please fill out our Application and submit $500 non-refundable deposit to reserve your spot!


Heather Healey, E-RYT 200, RYT 500

Heather was first drawn to yoga as a workout, to fill a void after retiring from competition as an elite rower. It soon became a way to maintain balance through the rigors of her PhD research. She completed her 200-hour training with Sean and Karen Conley of Amazing Yoga in Pittsburgh, PA in 2009, with a foundation in Power Vinyasa Yoga and later that year opened the first Mighty Yoga studio in Ithaca, NY. She has been teaching for over 8 years. Following a desire to dig more deeply into the teachings of yoga, Heather completed an advanced training with Liz Heffernan and Soma Yoga Institute. Through her classes and studios, Heather works to create the space and opportunity for more people to practice yoga and experience its life-transforming effects. Heather’s teaching brings out the practical, yet powerful lessons of yoga on and off the mat.


Wendy Epps, RYT 200

Wendy has a deep personal interest in healthful living and total body wellness. Over the past 11 years yoga has naturally become an important part of Wendy’s life, and her yoga practice has evolved through the Vinyasa and Power Yoga styles. Wendy also has scientific interest in the body at the cellular level, which motivated her to study bioorganic chemistry for several years and ultimately earn a doctoral degree in 2011. She is especially intrigued by the science of the emotional body, as well as how the body heals. Wendy’s desire to share the mind-body practice of yoga with others inspired her to complete the South Boston Yoga Teacher Training course in 2012. She is honored to have studied with Checka Antifonario, Michelle Brenes, David Vendetti, Todd Skoglund, Kate Graham, and many other wonderful mentors. As an instructor, she focuses on smart and creative sequencing to challenge the mind, and proper alignment to heal the body.

Guest Instructor: Carrie Tyler, E-RYT 500 & Anatomist (among much more!)

We are so excited to have Carrie Tyler joining us to teach the anatomy curriculum for our training!  Hailing from the Boston-area, she is a wealth of knowledge and has been working in the holistic community for many years. Here's what she says about her anatomy trainings:

Let me start by saying this IS NOT your normal, boring Anatomy & Physiology course. This is a super engaging curriculum that uses all levels of learning (i.e kinesthetic, auditory, reading/writing, visual) to etch information permanently into your cranium. Lectures are balanced with postural therapy techniques, dynamic movement exercises, hands on work, and palpation. If space permits, group work with Anatomy in Clay® models is included. 


My experience in the yoga teacher training has brought a lot more awareness to my life experiences and to my yoga practice. I feel so much more confident teaching now than I did when we started.  This was an amazing experience, truly empowering and positive.  - Rachel.


I took this 200 hour training to deepen my understanding and personal practice of yoga and I definitely learned a lot.  The atmosphere was warm and supportive.  I really loved all the workshops, on alignment, inversions and arm balances and learning the mechanics of the poses.  The 3 hour intensives helped to solidify the concepts and I came away with a thorough understanding. I also enjoyed the history of yoga philosophy piece.  I have always been very aware of the interdependence of life in the universe and this teacher training has been great in helping me realize that connection even more.  - Amanda


The sequencing and practice teaching were definitely the most helpful parts of the training for me.  I never had an at home personal practice until this teaching training, I believe because of all the sequencing we did I earned the knowledge to create my own.  I loved the brother and sister like feeling each time I walked into class.   The yoga philosophy/ yoga sutra study and presentations were eye opening and inspiring.  This yoga experience has helped me clear my mind and respond more calmly to negative things sent my way.  Our instructor Liz says that Yoga is the journey to happiness and I am starting to believe her. - Lacy


Liz and Heather, our trainers, created a great, comfortable space for learning, exploration and discovery. They are amazing yoga teachers and shared such an abundance of information with us, really illuminating their love of yoga as a life practice.  I learned so much about yoga, the philosophy, the asana practice, how to be an effective teacher.  Learning about alignment principles drastically changed my own personal practice, improving it a great deal. Alignment is so important for teaching and maintaining safety for students and longevity of practice. It was also very empowering teaching, it required me to find my voice, something that has challenged me in my life. -Mia


This training really transformed my personal practice. I have much more awareness of my alignment, movement and mental presence.  I am also incredibly happy to have discovered meditation.  I could never get into it before and now I love it.  I really appreciated getting multiple perspectives on it too.  My confidence in my ability to teach is also much stronger and really benefited from all the feedback. I enjoyed the way this training was organized.  The topics built well on one another, covering alignment and a lot of the pose study early.  The pose related workshops were a ton of fun and greatly enhanced my learning. It was great to see the pose and learn adjustments and modifications with so many body types.  Our instructors, Liz and Heather were tremendous and very committed. They helped bring out the potential in everyone of us, providing a truly great experience.  -Danielle


I am very grateful for participating in this 200 hour yoga teacher training.   Through this program I have built more confidence in myself.  My personal yoga practice has taken off, I have learned to be more more calm in hard situations, and my personal relationships at home have improved. I also really enjoyed meeting new people and learning how to give myself permission to modify the asana practice. Thank you! -Denise


It is very special to share so much time with a group of people who care deeply about each other and about Yoga. My fellow yogis showed me a positive reflection of myself that I hadn't seen before.  I enjoyed the encouragement from our instructors and the compassion for our different yoga styles and experience. My favorite part was studying the yoga philosophy and connecting it to a greater purpose in everyday life. I am so very grateful. -Star


I loved the program.  It has brought together the disparate aspects of my life into a cohesive whole.  Diving into the Yoga philosophy is such a treat, the business of Yoga helped launch me into expansive ideas of how to grow my yoga business, the chakra studies deepened my Reiki practice and the acro yoga workshop opened my eyes to possibility. Thanks for changing my world. -Kathy

Interested? Have Questions?

Please email us at NHTeacherTraining@mightyyoga.com if you are interested in joining us and/or if you have any questions.