Emma Miller


What to expect in a class with Emma:

Emma’s flows are energetic, challenging, and playful with a focus on connecting breath to movement to find more awareness and balance in your body. Emma’s goal is to help students find compassion and authenticity on and off the mat.

About Emma

Emma fell in love with yoga after having to stop rowing in college due to various back injuries. Yoga became a way for her to find growth and balance in her mind and body while still feeling part of a larger community. Emma completed her 200-Hour Power Yoga Teacher Training at Corepower Yoga in Boston.

We asked Emma:

Why do you practice yoga?  

I practice yoga to feel strong and balanced. My mat is the best place for me to find compassion, play, and growth.

What fuels you?

The chance to learn and grow every day.

Emma’s favorite piece of wisdom:

Something wild and beautiful happens when you start to love yourself and embrace every single piece of who you are.

-April Green