Angelina Lionetta

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What to expect in a class with Angelina

People can expect to sweat to some bopping tunes.

About Angelina

Angelina originally hails from Massachusetts and moved here to attend Dartmouth in 2014. She graduated in 2018 and has spent her time since performing research at DHMC and nannying while applying to medical school. She has always had a passion for people which is why she chooses jobs where she gets to interact with people all day. Her proudest accomplishment was starting a choir for kids with special needs while she was in high school that is still going strong, (it's called My Own Voice, look them up!) She loves cooking, singing in her car, hiking and cuddling with her perfect cat, Diomedes.

We asked Angelina:

Why do you practice barre and yoga?  

I used to do ballet when I was younger, yes, I was called Angelina Ballerina. When I tried Barre I instantly fell in love with how my body felt performing ballet-esque movements to much more fun music.


What fuels you?

Cooking and baking from scratch! I love how the act of cooking nourishes my soul as well as my body. My favorite thing to do by far is to cook for the people I love; I've always found it more genuine to express my emotions with food instead of words.

Angelina’s favorite piece of wisdom:

Teamwork makes the dream work!