Brooke McNaughton


What to expect in a class with Brooke

Poetry, yoga philosophy, breathwork, and a good dose of lightheartedness!

About Brooke

Brooke began her journey into yoga around ten years ago, a journey which soon transformed into one of beautiful, authentic, and creative self-expression through movement. 

As a collegiate track athlete, she looked for ways to cross train which had a low incidence of injury and soon found herself at her first yoga class. She immediately fell in love. Her personal practice and teaching philosophy both resonate deeply with the Sanskrit term “Spanda,” meaning movement, or, the subtle creative pulse of the universe. She teaches because she has experienced the spark of personal and creative breakthrough made possible by yoga, and she finds deep joy in offering a safe and welcoming space for others to discover, learn, and progress on their own personal journeys. 

We asked Brooke

Why do you practice yoga?

I fell in love with yoga because of the physical benefits of asana, but I stayed in love with yoga when I discovered the other limbs of the practice. I keep up with my personal practice because it is the most certain way for me to feel at ease in my life and to empower others to do the same.

What fuels you?

The Yamas and the Niyamas. They are my guiding light both on and off the mat, and given the chance I will nerd out about them to no end.


Brooke’s favorite piece of wisdom:

Nobody knows your body better than you do.