Caleigh MacDonald

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What to expect in a class with Caleigh

No matter your strength, flexibility, current mindset or yoga experience- you will leave my classes feeling grounded, rejuvenated, and accomplished. I seek to find a balanced class through a combination of physical strength building as well as alleviation of muscular tightness and stress.  I will encourage you through the hard work while maintaining a calm and therapeutic class environment. I thoughtfully sequence classes to create a meditative and mind-body-breathe connecting yoga experience! I hope to help my students find a joyful yoga practice and become more mindful and resilient. 

About Caleigh

She is a registered nurse and works at the hospital caring for pediatric and adult patients. She is a born and raised New Hampshirite, and came up to the upper valley after nursing school for her first nursing job. Working as a nurse led her to become reiki certified and spurred an interest in the connection between mental/spriritual health and your physical body, Other activities that she participates in or have in the past are running, basketball, and Tae Kwon Do. Having her black belt is her go-to fun fact! 

We asked Caleigh

Why do you practice yoga? 

I sought out yoga initially as a means of relieving stress and as a workout option. Having been an athlete my whole life, I desired cardio and strength building. Yoga quickly revealed its other benefits to me as I gained insight into mindful living and yoga’s healing properties. It has become much more than what I intended. I was hooked early on and craved to learn more and wanted to push myself to devote more time to yoga. This led me to take the Mighty Yoga teacher training where I learned a lot about yoga but even more so, it gave me time to be reflective. In our busy lives, it is hard to find time to ‘just be’. Spending time practicing yoga gives you a chance to check in with your mind and body. You become more in tune with your body’s rhythm, to what fuels you and to what doesn’t. In a world filled with stimulus, yoga is an oasis for me to ‘just be’ in breathe and movement and to check in. 

What fuels you? 

I am fueled by the outdoors and greatly enjoy spending time fishing, hiking, and adventuring with my boyfriend, John, and my golden- doodle pup, Josie. Alas, my poor indoor kitty, Merle, cannot take part in these adventures… but I treasure couch time and porch time with him. I love working with my hands and have taken on a lot of “up-cycling” projects to refinish antique furniture which furnish my home. I enjoy traveling with my family and friends to see beautiful things and eat good food.