What to expect in a class with Caroline

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Caroline's classes create new length and space in the spine and hips, and leave you feeling revitalized with fresh, focused prana circulating through the body. Caroline's teaching style is a combination of deep strength and release postures to clean out stagnant energy and connect your energy channels for a reinvigorated flow.

About Caroline

Caroline believes yoga is pure medicine for the body and soul, and she allows that belief to color her classes. She has been practicing yoga for six years and was trained in Nepal to be a teacher in the Winter of 2017. Yoga has brought Caroline great relief from a past spinal injury, which motivates her to focus on lengthening the spine and creating space in the hips. Outside of class she loves to spend time outdoors, cook, paint, read, make pottery, and learn from people and places!

We asked Caroline

Why do you practice yoga?


I have found so much peace in my body and my mind through my practice. Following a
severe spine injury, Yoga has brought me so much relief and revitalization. I also love
the focused energy a strong practice provides: leaving a great class feeling reinvigorated
and the energy channels of my body more connected, working together.

What fuels you? 

The woods’ air, exercise, storytelling, Yoga, finding art in unexpected places and
sourdough bread!

Caroline’s favorite piece of wisdom:

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love.” -Rumi