Christina Micalizio

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What can people expect in your Mighty classes?

You can expect a creative vinyasa flow inspired by the traditional Ashtanga yoga tradition interwoven with modern functional movement.  

About Christina

She brings a perspective to her classes that is perhaps as unique as the path that has led her here – one that includes graduate study at Yale University and diverse professional experiences as a nurse practitioner in neurosurgery, orthopedics, women’s health and primary care. She shares key aspects of her journey exploring various styles of yoga practice along with a combination of training experiences with some of the best yoga and movement teachers in the world.

She began study of yoga with Todd and Tamara McLaughlin at Native Yoga Center in Juno Beach, Florida (2013), where her 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher training was focused on Ashtanga and Vinyasa styles of yoga. Since then, her ongoing pursuits have included workshops with internationally known teachers such as Patrick Beach, Raghunath Cappo, Greg Nardi, Tim Feldmann, Kino MacGregor, Tim Miller, David Regelin, Krista Shirley, David Swenson, Dylan Werner, David Williams, and Stacey Zimet. Complementing these experiences, She has completed: (1) a level 1 Yin Yoga teacher training with Cilla Weisman (E-RYT 1000 co-founder and instructor at Sukha Yoga in Burlington, Vermont (2018)), and (2) a 50-hour FLY advanced teacher training focused on inversions and hand balancing with Karen Burnett (director of Thrive Power Yoga) along with Daniel Rama, and Shakti ‘Sarah’ Bonsall.

Initially, she fell in love with the physicality of yoga but soon learned the practice is something much more than increasing muscular strength and flexibility. Her developing practice has evolved into one that she experiences as moving meditation, and one that serves her well both on and off the mat. It reveals strengths and weaknesses both physically and mentally and helps her find balance between strength/flexibility and effort/ease. Most importantly her journey with yoga continues to help her learn true strength and find inner wisdom.

Yoga is her favorite way to move and it’s truly an honor for her to share the best of what she’s learned over many years of dedicated practice and study with you.

We asked Christina:

Why do you practice yoga?

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I initially fell in love with the physical practice of yoga but soon learned the practice was something more than just increasing muscular strength, mobility, and flexibility.

What fuels you?

The students at Mighty Yoga.

Christina's favorite piece of wisdom

Yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory –Sri K. Pattabhi Jois