What to expect in a class with Haley

Haley's teaching style is fast-paced and energetic. She loves to make a challenging class fun with a rockin' playlist, lots of encouragement, and maybe even a joke thrown in here and there! Students can expect to feel the burn and leave with a smile.

About Haley

As an avid barre student, Haley made the leap to complete her teacher training in 2017. She is also Mighty's studio manager! She loves Mighty and believes it has changed her life 100% for the better. She's looking forward to her next Mighty endeavor - yoga teacher training in 2018! When she's not at the studios, she is hanging with her family, cuddling with her pup Lola, reading or baking!

We asked Haley

Why do you practice?  

I practice barre to feel the strength and power in my body, and yoga to ease my mind...the perfect balance! And they are very connected - the more I practice one, the more it helps the other.

What fuels you?

A constant desire to become the best version of myself.

Your favorite piece of wisdom:

That it's okay to ask for help! This is one that I constantly work on.