Kasie Cavagnaro

What to expect in a class with Kasie: High energy and a positive attitude!

About Kasie: I'm a New Hampshire native and love outdoor recreation in the Upper Valley. I've practiced yoga for 10+ years and stumbled upon Barre when I joined the Mighty studio. I quickly became hooked and completed my training in the Rasamaya method.

How did you get introduced to Barre? I accidentally (and thankfully!) discovered barre at Mighty when I joined the studio with the original intention of practicing yoga. I decided to try several different classes when I first joined the studio and was hooked on barre after my first class!

What do you like about Barre? I love the combination of power, energy, and balance play.

Why did you decide to teach Barre? I couldn't get enough of the energy. I suppose I “drank the Kool-Aid” as Tamara would say.

Any tips for someone new to Barre? Barre is simple - find your edge, and stay there. That's what we're all doing really, and it will look a little different on every mat.

What is your favorite pose or poses? Why? Wide second. Yup, that's right. I was never a dancer and the only reason I am somewhat flexible is that I've been practicing yoga for 10+ years. I don't have much turnout and enjoy seeing my oh-so- slow progress in this pose. Also mountain pose - nothing makes you feel stronger than standing balanced on your own two feet.

What fuels you? Food, what a silly question. Preferably chocolate.

What makes you Mighty? A positive attitude and the support of my loved ones and friends.