Katie Shaw

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What to Expect in a Class with Katie

Come to enjoy a challenging and powerful class. Katie will frequently spend time reminding you to turn inward and tune into the body. She wants you to be kind to your muscles and joints through your practice and will encourage use of blocks and many modifications help achieve proper alignment and success in your body. 

About Katie

A runner most of her life, Katie initially began her yoga practice to offset her long runs, hoping to increase strength and flexibility and mitigate injuries. Through many years of practice, her yoga evolved to not only bring lightness and strength to her body but also her mind. The powerful ease that yoga has brought to Katie’s life inspired her to embark on her own teacher training. She completed her Teacher Training with Mighty Yoga in the Spring of 2018 and hopes she will get to share the many benefits of yoga she has found in her own life with you. 

We asked Katie...

Why do you practice yoga? 

Yoga strikes the perfect balance of challenge and restoration. It is about challenging the body and mind while turning inward and being kind, forgiving and patient with yourself.  


What fuels you?

Green smoothies, a new challenge and giving to others!


Your favorite piece of wisdom?

“Be gentle with yourself”