Katie Bates

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What to expect in a class with Katie

Regardless of what brings you to the studio, Katie's class is a safe place to explore what yoga might be offering you. She still loves working up a good sweat; she offers plenty of physical challenge with powerful flows, and she believes in working through intensity with deep breaths and a healthy dose of laughter. However, even in the midst of hard work, she focuses on muscular engagement, body awareness, and listening to what your body needs. Katie's class provides an accepting and non-judgmental space where everyone can feel supported, and she welcomes yogis of all levels.

About Katie

She initially was attracted to yoga because of the challenging physical component, but has since discovered many other aspects of the practice. She found that my time on the mat developed into something therapeutic and empowering, helping her better process and overcome adversity in her life. She is also fascinated by the connection between the body and the mind, and enjoys exploring how yoga can heal and strengthen this connection when it falters.

Katie has always loved movement and fitness, and comes from a background of figure skating and dance. As she began to get injured more frequently, she started practicing yoga and barre so that she could exercise in a way that was kinder to her body. More recently, she completed Barre teacher training (2017) and 200-hour RYT yoga training (2018) at Mighty Yoga. Outside of the studio, she continues to explore the amazing machine that is the human body through teaching figure skating, EMT work, and trying as many new things as possible.

We asked Katie

Why do you practice?

Simply put, she practices yoga and barre to feel better. Whatever is going on in her life, yoga and barre get her to leave everything else at the door, and reserve space where she can spend some time just focusing on herself.

What fuels you? 

Visiting with family and friends, large portions of Thai food, taking her bunnies on walks, and a lot of laughter.

Katie's favorite piece of wisdom:

“Knowing others is intelligence;
knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength; 
mastering yourself is true power.” 

- Lao Tzu