Lydia Shahi


What to expect in a class with Lydia

Expect to be met by a challenge in Lydia’s classes. However, she always balances out vigorous flows with ample time to breathe and warm-up in the beginning of class. She also loves to have fun with music, so expect fun tunes and lots of variety.

About Lydia

Lydia was certified at the Joschi Institute in Manhattan in August 2014 and jumped right into teaching at Mighty in September. Her certification focused mostly on creating vigorous sequences to provide students with a challenging workout. With a strong anatomical focus, her study included cultivating techniques for a deep mind-body connection through meditation, and pranayama.

We asked Lydia

Why do you practice yoga?

I practice yoga to deepen my connection with with my inner self. I also practice to strengthen my body as well as my stamina.

What fuels you? 

Simply put, I am fueled by my students. Each and every success, struggle, small step or giant leap of progress inspires me to be a fully present and dedicated teacher.

Lydia’s favorite piece of wisdom:

“We are only meant to try.”