Natalie Svoboda

What to expect in a class with Natalie

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Natalie’s classes move energy and spark playfulness to create that feeling of post-class bliss. Expect a music-inspired journey with a focus on alignment, breath, and meditation. Classes are equal parts introspective and lighthearted, taking cues from the Yoga Sutras and not taking ourselves too seriously!

About Natalie

Natalie first started taking yoga classes while in college as a relief from her dance training and hours in the architecture studios, and quickly became hooked. Three years post-graduation, she completed teacher training with yogi superstars in NYC at the House of Jai, where she received her 200H vinyasa teacher training and 20H yin training. She began teaching on weeknights and weekends as a way to pay it forward and help others. She has great appreciation for everything that those teachers have imparted on her, including a desire to play and try seemingly impossible poses, an eagle eye focus on correct alignment to prevent injury and help reinforce proper movement, and the window into yoga beyond the mat. She enjoys seeing her students light up with delight when discovering something new and helping create an environment that is nurturing and uplifting. 

We asked Natalie

Why do you practice yoga? 

I practice yoga to move energies: breath, mind, and body. It helps clear my thoughts and any tightness in my body.

What fuels you? 

My family, playing the piano, dancing and choreography, painting and drawing, and of course yoga. 

Natalie’s favorite piece of wisdom:

My grandpa always said, “It works for me”. It reminds me that we’re all different, and it’s important to figure out what works and what doesn’t to live a better life.