Wendy Epps

What to expect in a class with Wendy

Wendy aims to create a space in which students are able to both reconnect mentally and spiritually, as well as challenge themselves with a powerful physical practice. You can expect a practice full of strength, awareness, mind-body integration, and joyful energy, with sequencing and sets of poses that leave your muscles feeling balanced. Be prepared to breathe, sweat, and maybe even dance once in awhile in your poses… Oh, and you should definitely expect some ab exercises; her students know that she always makes time for those!

About Wendy

Wendy has a deep personal interest in healthful living and total body wellness. Over the past 11 years yoga has naturally become an important part of Wendy’s life, and her yoga practice has evolved through the Vinyasa and Power Yoga styles.

Wendy also has scientific interest in the body at the cellular level, which motivated her to study bioorganic chemistry for several years and ultimately earn a doctoral degree in 2011. She is especially intrigued by the science of the emotional body, as well as how the body heals.

Wendy’s desire to share the mind-body practice of yoga with others inspired her to complete the South Boston Yoga Teacher Training course in 2012. She is honored to have studied with Checka Antifonario, Michelle Brenes, David Vendetti, Todd Skoglund, Kate Graham, and many other wonderful mentors. As an instructor, she focuses on smart and creative sequencing to challenge the mind, and proper alignment to heal the body.

We asked Wendy

Why do you practice yoga?  

There are so many reasons. I started my yoga practice during grad school, when it was a much-needed stress-reliever. When going to yoga became the part of my day that I looked forward to the most, I knew there was something special about it. Let’s just say that whenever I get on my mat, whether it’s in my basement or at the studio, I feel immensely grateful to be there. Yoga grounds me and helps me to feel strong in my body and mind.

What fuels you? 

Long conversations with my close friends and family, getting on my yoga mat and letting my breath take over, morning smoothies, and hugs, snuggles, and kisses from my one-year-old daughter; those are the best!

Wendy’s favorite piece of wisdom:

“Watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.”  – Roald Dahl