Zoë Brown

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What to expect in a class with Zoë

Zoë’s classes are dynamic, nurturing, and creative flows that are physically challenging, yet open up space for balance between ease and effort, and continual meditation. Zoë’s teaching style emphasizes breath and movement, incorporating pranayama, and drawing inspiration from a wide variety of yoga traditions—from Kundalini to Budokon—to help your practice remain thoughtful, interesting, and inspired.

About Zoë

Zoë fell in love with yoga early in life, using it as a therapeutic and deeply fulfilling way to seek health in response to a chronic illness. A competitive dancer since age eight, she found profound beauty and art in the movement and flow of vinyasa yoga specifically. She earned her 200 RYT certification in high school and has since been teaching consistently for four years, and is also Levels I and II Reiki certified. She trained at her home studio in Southern California (Ra Yoga) and owes much of her yoga knowledge and experience to her many incredible teachers, including Jenny Vande Hei, Madison Canary, and endless books and online courses that further her continued education and passion for the subject of yoga.

We asked Zoë

Why do you practice yoga? 

This practice has healed me and rewarded me in so many ways. It taught me to love my body, to calm my mind, and to find peace in moments of discomfort. Yoga helps me to be a better person in my daily life—outside of the solace of the studio—and continues to lead me down a journey of greater self-discovery and understanding. 

What fuels you? 

Coffee, new friends (yogis, be my friends!), the sun, the ocean, nature, art, meditation, journaling, music, and always dancing!

Zoë’s favorite piece of wisdom:

“Be grateful for whatever comes.

Because each has been sent

As a guide from beyond.”