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Some like it hot! Mighty Flow turns up the heat and wrings you out! Through this energetic, vigorous vinyasa practice, you’ll cultivate strength, flexibility, endurance and greater body awareness. Classes include traditional and creative sequences of postures rooted in the breath that will invigorate and challenge you. Instructors offer modifications and variations throughout the class, making these classes accessible for students of all levels. Many of our Mighty Flow classes are heated to approximately 85 degrees Fahrenheit, but some are not! Please refer to the class schedule to see if your class is heated (indicated under "Class Level").

barre strength

Barre is a total body, low impact workout that has been called the most effective workout on the planet. The hour long class is broken up into series targeting different areas of the body. You'll perform strength exercises and stretches in each series while feeling the burn and jammin' out to awesome upbeat music! Because of the focus required during class time, you will leave in a similar state of bliss as you would from a yoga class. Clear mind AND strong body - does it get better than that?!


This class is designed to amp it up, turn it up, and sweat it out. Join your fellow music and yoga lovers for a Mighty Flow set to a mix of “rockin” tunes. This high-energy class gets your heart pumping and clears the mind through the power of sound and yoga. Ignite the dancer within, and you’ll leave class feeling ready to rock everything you do—on and off the mat!


Offered at noon during the weekdays, this 60-minute power flow is perfect if you’ve got a tight schedule. These classes condense our all levels Mighty Flow class into a balanced, vigorous class that jazzes you up and blisses you out long after you’ve left. Please note the studio is not heated during these lunchtime classes.

Mighty Reboot

Mighty Reboot is designed to get you flowing and to rebalance the body. In the first half of class, we will energize the body with a heated power flow (like Mighty Flow). In the second half, we will practice body rebalancing techniques including trigger point release (ball-rolling), active release stretching, and postural re-patterning. The class is designed for all levels of yogis, including yogi-purists and yogi-athletes (runners, etc.), and helps every body maintain peak performance.

Slow Flow

We slow the Mighty pace down to dive even deeper into our practice in this alignment flow class. More time is dedicated to explore several modifications to help you choose your own adventure, whether you are stoking your internal fire or soothing your soul. Poses are typically held for several breaths to ground and empower you in this purposeful, breath-based flow.


If you thought our Mighty Flow classes brought you to new levels of yogic joy, you haven’t Flowed and Restored your way to bliss! These classes turn up the heat with vigorous flows similar to our Mighty Flow classes, but then they slow things down and enhance the experience through longer holds in poses designed to deeply stretch, open and calm. Expect a juicy and invigorating “Aaaahhhh” moment that will leave you relaxed, renewed… restored!

Mighty Restorative

Join us for a restorative practice that gently awakens and then deeply relaxes your body and mind. The class begins with a gentle warm-up serving as a transition into more restorative asanas with longer holds. We will use props to facilitate a supported opening and surrender. The teacher will offer Thai Yoga adjustments, using hands, forearms, and feet to gently massage your muscles and stretch, allowing the body to further release any tension. Expect to feel pampered!

Yin Yoga

This is the perfect practice to balance your heat-building, strengthening, vinyasa practice. As opposed to "Yang" or active yoga class, "Yin" is a slow-paced style with poses that are held for longer periods of time. Yin yoga applies gentle stress to the connective tissue, including ligaments and fascia, to promote flexibility, joint mobility, and cellular regeneration. Through an exploration of sensation and breath, it also helps to calm the nervous system and connect your mind and body. Students will hold postures for 3-10 minutes each side. Please note: This class is not heated.


These classes are our most affordable at $7. Taught at a pace slower than our all-levels sessions, these classes can be a great way to develop your practice as well as refine the fundamentals. Variations and modifications for poses will be offered, making this class accessible to all levels.


The following classes are offered periodically;
look for them on the schedule!

Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga has a focus on synchronizing the breath with a progressive series of postures -- a set sequence of poses that produces an internal heat designed to purify the body. Ashtanga yoga provided the basis for many of the styles of yoga that have evolved more recently in the West, including Power Flow yoga that we teach in our Mighty Flow classes. If you’re used to our Mighty Flow classes, you can expect to have a fun and challenging class that is geared for building core strength and toning the body. The class is a full 90 minutes without heat. 


This class is a fun opportunity to take your practice further and work towards more advanced pose variations in a safe and supportive environment. With a playful mix of standing poses, arm balances, advanced transitions, inversions and deepening back bends, there are plenty of opportunities to be inspired! Students should approach this practice with an adventurous spirit and desire to try something new, carefully balanced with a willingness to modify poses as needed.

Candlelit Flow

This class offers a blissful, slower-paced vinyasa flow by candlelight. Enjoy a rejuvenating experience focusing on breath and the powerful meditative aspect of a yoga practice. Yogic philosophy and mythology are incorporated, as well as different types of breathing exercises, mantras, and meditation to awaken truth, consciousness, and bliss. Come with an open mind and heart to allow inner peace to sink in.