A yoga studio is like a sanctuary where people go to relax and find their zen. Be mindful of this by turning off your cell phone before class, save conversations for before or after class, and avoid making distracting sounds during class (grunting, over-enthusiastic sighs, bursting into enlightened song, and the like).


Wear clothes that you’ll be comfortable in during class, keeping in mind that some of our classes are warmer than others and you’re likely to sweat (a lot). Avoid baggy clothes that will get in the way of your practice, as well as clothes that are too tight or revealing. Management has the right to prevent the participation in a class if proper attire is not worn or personal hygiene is offensive to other students.


Take it easy on perfumes, colognes, or other scents before coming to class. These scents can become overwhelming, especially in a hot class. Some people are allergic or sensitive to certain smells.

Come clean

Be mindful of personal hygiene. The practice of yoga is a beautiful thing, but sometimes it can turn us into a hot, sweaty mess! Your neighbor loves and respects you, but doesn't want to smell your stinky feet or body odor!


Please do not bring your cell phone into class. We suggest that you leave it in the car or turn it off when you enter the studio and place it with your other belongings in the cubby spaces provided.


Please keep your “footprint” as small as possible in class by placing valuables in our lounge or cubby spaces provided. You may bring a water bottle and towel with you into class along with your mat.


Inform your teacher about any injuries or medical conditions you have before class so he/she can offer appropriate modifications to poses. After class, don’t hesitate to ask questions or give feedback to the teacher. We’re here to help you grow in your practice so let us know what you need.


Don’t push it. Each of us was created with a unique body, capable of doing unique things. Straining or trying to get into the “perfect” pose without respecting the limits of your own body will only lead to an injury. Instead, work with where you are, not from where you think you should be.


Many of our teachers offer hands-on adjustments to help guide you into proper alignment and show you what is possible in a pose so that you have the tools to rediscover this place on your own. Assists are meant to provide support for students that is safe and nurturing. If you are working with any injuries or prefer not to have this contact during class for any reason, please let your teacher know before class.


Please respect areas designated for Mighty Staff by steering clear of them and do not turn off the heaters or open windows. If you use blocks, please clean them at the end of class with the spray bottles provided.


Many people say the best part of a yoga class is the “nap” at the end. This period of deep relaxation, savasana, gives you the opportunity to integrate and allow the benefits of your practice to really sink in, and is essential to the practice. We encourage you to take a deep breath and stay.