New To Yoga?


New to Mighty? Take advantage of our super-awesome intro deal: 30 DAYS of UNLIMITED YOGA for only $30. This month of unlimited classes will give you a chance to try different teachers and different styles. Remember that yoga, like any new endeavor, is going to take some time before it comes easily. For those brand new to yoga, it takes about 3-5 classes to get an idea of the poses, allowing you to shift out of your head and get more in tune with your body.


We welcome new students every week to Mighty Yoga, and would be happy to have you! First, check out our schedule and look for Community and Flow and Restore classes. These classes are most suitable for beginners. When you walk in the door to Mighty Yoga, you’ll be greeted by friendly staff and teachers. Introduce yourself, smile, relax and don’t hesitate to ask questions about the studio or your practice. And you can always contact us if you want to get in touch outside of class!

What Kind of yoga does Mighty offer?

Classes at Mighty Yoga flow between a series of yoga postures (also known as asanas) in a way that links breath with movement. This style of movement is sometimes called Vinyasa Yoga. The word “vinyasa” can translate as “connection” or “flow.” At Mighty Yoga, you can expect each class to flow differently than the one before—you will always find new challenges! Classes range from our powerful Mighty Flow classes to slower Flow & Restore classes.

Why heat classes?

Our bodies release toxins in many ways, but one of the most important ways is our sweat. In addition to being the largest elimination organ of the body (even larger than your digestive system), the skin is also our most effective organ for releasing toxins. The heat in the room, combined with the internal heat that comes from moving the body, encourages us to sweat and detoxify! The heat also may assist in the following: reducing joint and muscle pain, improving skin quality, boosting our immune systems, opening airways (reducing congestion), and regulating our metabolism.


Absolutely not! More often than not, people don’t show up to their first yoga class already bendy. By practicing full body stretches, yoga will help you become more flexible. There’s a saying that you don’t need a flexible body to practice yoga, only a flexible mind. So show up with an open mind, and the rest will follow!

Okay, I’m ready! What should I Bring?

Please be sure to arrive 15-20 minutes before class starts to give yourself time to settle in. If you have your own mat, feel free to bring it! If not - no worries - we have rentals! You can borrow one for free on your first visit. We’d also recommend bringing a hand towel, and a water bottle! Please also note, we do lock the doors 5 minutes into start time.